Brand Development + Web Production + Collateral Production: Steven Chu

One of the first men's style consultancies to focus on digital brand experience (2009) and responsive web design (2011), Rath & Co. has been featured in CBS’s The Early Show, Men’s Health magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

For the website's branding and art direction, I balanced the premiere / heritage tonality with a looser informal design approach to achieve approachability and authority without being intimidating.

Print collateral remained tightly designed.

I also provided photography services early on (see fashion work here), to set the look for how client's before and after photos should be documented.

From founder Julie Rath:

"I love working with Steven because he completely understands the aesthetic and feel I want with my branding. He effortlessly converts my wording into the exact visual representation that I am looking for on anything from my website to stationery to promotional and holiday cards. I hear time and time again from clients that they were drawn to my services because of the impression my branding makes. Steven does a perfect job translating the level of service that I provide into visual form, and that is invaluable to me."

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