LAUNCH PROJECT is an editorial photo licensing engine built on top of Shopify + Algolia.

About the company:

Team Chuubie specializes in creating welcoming, positive ambience for your event attendees.
Relaxed guests in safe spaces go hand in hand with amazing event documentation (photography, video, GIFs).

Our past clients include: television, nightlife, awards ceremonies / galas, corporate (experiential marketing events), and custom brand solutions incl. social media creative.

What you can tap into:
- Capture your event in High-Energy. Chuubie is a seasoned event, action, and fashion photographer –– a special blend for a very unique photographic style.
- Source talent and staffing from Chuubie's network of creative event production talent (music, sound, lighting, hosts, performers)
- Need to license authentic, candid imagery? Search our editorial licensing archive here for action shots of events, parties, dancers, DJs, and crowd moments ––at––
We have no-frills editorial licensing fees.


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