UNIQLO, Designer, Email Coder, After Effects Video Animator


• As UNIQLO USA’s first dedicated email developer, I first streamlined PSD to error-free HTML production down to five minutes per variation.

• Once I set up the new workflow using Sublime Text snippets, we were capable of rapidly templating out HTML. We reinvested all newly available bandwidth to increasing email segmentation: going from 5-7 variants per week, to shipping a peak of 17-20 email variants a week.

• Next, to increase open rates we simplified our email preview text and targeted language based on gender, location, and past purchase data.


• To increase engagement inside emails, I implemented live-polls, add to calendar events, countdown timers, and time-of-open specific creative. Interactions (CTR) with dynamic content increased as we trained user behavior to expect (for example) downloadable calendar reminders for collection launches.


• I supported our Social Media and Product Marketing teams with my remaining bandwidth by illustrating and animating video content for UNIQLO’s Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook and Twitter banners, GIF banner ads, and sponsored Snapchat geofilters.

• I used the Product Education videos to educate our audiences on new services (such as free pant alterations), as well as to learn interesting facts about our latest brand collaborations.

Streamlined organizational processes > freed up staff bandwidth > reinvested bandwidth into better targeted and more strategic creative.

1: Wrote code automation snippets. Trained staff on how to automate large sections of the email production workflow:

2: Took opened up bandwidth to increase production from 7 emails shipped per week to avg of 20/week. Available bandwidth we regained by not manually producing each email allowed us to do more customer segmentation. I also began to implement more “dynamic” or “live” creative into emails:

After Effects to GIF animated script


“Time-of-open”-specific creative

‘Round-the-clock Jeans campaign

Live Polling

What do you want to see more of this spring? (scroll to end of email)

Add to Calendar

Countdown Timer

3. I dedicated any remaining bandwidth to bolstering up the understaffed social media team, through graphics production, GIF animation, and video animation focused on a longer term customer success strategy: product education.

Facebook & Twitter Social Banner Creation

Product Education Video for Karakami Karacho Collection

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Karakami (ancient letterpress block printing, usually patterned wood carvings) originally came from China but continued on to be used in the Edo and Kyo periods in Japan, and have stayed unchanged in current modern day!

The t-shirt collection patterns come from the oldest company, Karacho, which has been in continuous business since the year 1624!

UNIQLO U Collection Launch Video Animation


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