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Streamlined organizational processes > freed up staff bandwidth > reinvested bandwidth into better targeted and more strategic creative. 1: Wrote code automation snippets. Trained staff on how to automate large sections of the email production workflow: 2: Took opened up bandwidth to increase production from 7 emails shipped per week to avg of 20/week. Available […]

Flora 1761

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Case Study: Meredith Digital

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Meredith Digital: Logo Concept – Steven Chu Theresa Gaffney

Launching a division’s brand identity for the world’s largest magazine publisher.   Meredith has a portfolio of very recognizable magazines:​​​​​​​ In 2013 while working at Meredith’s in-house Branded Content services agency in New York City, I was tasked to design the identity for Meredith Digital (the name chosen for the publisher’s in-house new ad-tech division). Timeline to […]


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