Nirco Castillo

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FedEX Express

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Website Production

Brian Kish

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Advertisement Campaign Invitation Designs Website Production

Team Chuubie

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Team Chuubie Logo

This @teamchuubie logo cap is on my dream shopping /manufacturing #wishlist 🙏🏼🛍 …one day! A post shared by Team Chuubie (@teamchuubie) on Nov 2, 2016 at 2:03pm PDT

Temenos Film Festival

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The Temenos – Gregory Markopoulos & Robert Beavers – Archive & Film Festival


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Langoliers NYC

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Langoliers NYC – Jewelry – Logo – Branding: Steven Chu – Illustrator: Jeff Niesen

Meredith Digital

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Meredith Digital: Logo Concept – Steven Chu Theresa Gaffney

Meredith Digital: Launching the Brand Identity (for the largest magazine publisher in the world).   If the publisher name Meredith isn’t familiar to you– I bet you’d still recognize their magazines:​​​​​​​ In 2013 while working at Meredith’s in-house Branded Content services agency in New York City, I was tasked to design the identity for Meredith Digital (our soon […]


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