Develop your brand's foundation with precision

Because scaling your business without friction is invaluable.

Founder's Note:

I’m an expert facilitator at helping businesses channel their brand ethos into their strategy, visual design, and technology execution. This is my foundational six piece workflow to ensure your startup business resonates with your customers and successfully carves out a niche for itself at the market table.

Steven Chu
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Brand-to-Table is a NYC small business accelerator program to develop brand strategy, branding identity, customer UX strategy, squarespace or shopify website programming, and digital marketing campaign design.

develops at high fidelity to your brand’s ethos.

The Marketing Pipeline

We'll execute and implement:

Brand strategy roadmap

a timeline of how your unique core strengths will be used to execute and achieve your company's vision and mission

Brand identity

the personality and voice of your brand as identified by logo, fonts, colors, tone, and written/vocal persona

Customer purchase roadmap

a map of your customer experience from initial contact with your brand to the nurturing of a long-term relationship that takes them through their first purchase and beyond

Tech platform recommendations and setup

identification of the best tech platforms on which to run your business and setup of the accounts for those services


the strategy, design, and development of a simple e-commerce website on Shopify to sell products online or a simple product launch website on Squarespace

Visual design of one digital marketing campaign

a branded and designed 3-piece marketing campaign advertising your brand/services/products; choose any 3 of the following items:
email blast, set of eight static internet banner ads, a campaign-specific landing page on your website offering a promotion, five business cards, or a PDF brochure up to five pages long

That’s right! Branding, strategy, design, and website production in one place.

our goal

To achieve a unified and comprehensive brand experience.

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Curriculum of Deliverables


Measuring progress is easy and trackable thanks to our focus on deliverables. Take a glimpse at the deliverables list for each piece of the pipeline in our curriculum here.

Ps. These deliverables are a great baseline of what your marketing pipeline looks like in good health!


The time for a typical client to get their six fundamentals operating in high fidelity begins at 2 months.

*If your brand, service, or product is in a niche industry or requires specialty knowledge, please let us know so we can adjust our timeline expectations accordingly.


$5000 per month, due in full on the 1st of each month.

The Brand-to-Table program includes:
  • twice weekly 3-hour work sessions
  • followed by homework for you and me both!
*(Please allocate at minimum 5 hours per week to complete homework.)

Our customers have been greatly appreciative of the more user-friendly and engaging components.

I find this invaluable, especially as we look toward the future of where my business and I are headed.


It has been a privilege for me to have worked with Steven Chu since the inception of my brand/business in 2009. He has always been a wonderfully supportive champion of my work. We've been through many different iterations of design, development, and strategy for my brand over the years, and I've learned so much from him throughout the process. Steven is the extreme opposite of complacent — always on top of the latest in tech and marketing and looking for ways to implement new ideas into my brand and offerings. I find this invaluable, especially as we look toward the future of where my business and I are headed.

Julie Rath, Founder of Rath & Co.